CHIP in the NHS

The principle behind CHIP is simple: If individuals improve and increase their health status and remain healthy, they need less health care resulting in reduced health care costs.

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) reduces medical costs for the National Health Service (NHS), GP practices and private healthcare organisations.

Savings are achieved by addressing the “root cause” of chronic disease – Lifestyle choices.

CHIP helps individuals who have costly, chronic illnesses improve their physical and mental health, through small improvements and changes in their lifestyle. This generates significant and measurable results.

CHIP provides GPs and medical staff a scientifically validated solution to complement their medical management care plan for their patients.

Our first UK pilot was at a GP surgery in Kent led by Dr Liz Lunt and team. They recruited 60 patients with obesity plus diabetes, hypertension or cardiovascular disease.

Further pilots have taken place in Oxford led by Dr Ellen Fallows; Ashford, Middlesex led by Dr Miriam Al-Kashi and in Taunton, Somerset led by Valerie Benfield.

CHIP: Getting Lifestyle Medicine to the NHS coalface